Friday, July 25, 2008
Some like it rough

My kitties love texture, and I'm sure that they would have loved the scratchy texture of my jute rug (last blog entry), but that jute twine was cutting up my hands. It was really rough to work with. It worked up into a sort of neat looking pattern, but the thought of making two large mats of that material was making me cringe.

I decided that the jute rope would be put to better use bundling up the boxes to take to the recycling center after we move.

I found some softer, more pliable jute cording at Joann's, and started over. This material is much much easier to work with. It's making a prettier looking rug, that is soft enough to be rug-like, and rough enough to be interesting for the cats. I think that it will serve its purpose in trapping the stray kitty litter, but will be a somewhat decent looking mat.

I'm working with a simple HDC pattern, and throwing in a row of X-stitch every 7th row - just to keep me from getting bored. I'm about halfway done with the first. If it turns out well, I'll need two more.

I do think that this will be an attractive and practical solution to the litter box mess. I hope the cats will give it two paws up!


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