Thursday, August 07, 2008
Home Sweet Home

We're in our new home, and we're so happy!!

It's truly lovely! I'm sure someday we'll come to take it for granted, but right now we're enjoying every moment in our beautiful house!

That's not to say it's been stress-free. We still have hundreds of boxes needing to be unpacked. Finding homes for some of our "things" is proving more challenging than I expected. The kitchen and bathrooms are particularly difficult. You get used to how things are in a house, and then when you get to a new house, it's not always so simple to figure out where things go.

For example. Aspirin. This was never a problem. Aspirin goes in the medicine cabinet.... except that this house has no medicine cabinets. We have lots of cabinets and drawers in the bathroom, but no medicine cabinets. So, I found myself standing in the bathroom with a bottle of aspirin and being completely stumped in figuring out where it belonged. I put it in a drawer, but then realized that that isn't kid-safe. Not a huge problem as we don't have kids. But... what if a kid comes to visit? Well, they shouldn't be in my bedroom, and they shouldn't be in my master bath. But kids don't always do what they should do, and they often love to do what they shouldn't do! What if a kid comes to visit, sneaks into my bedroom, sneaks into my bathroom, opens my drawer, finds the aspirin, opens the child-proof cap and swallows a handful of aspirin???!!!! I moved it all to the cabinet. Hated it in the cabinet. Realized the cabinet was actually easier for a kid to get into than the drawer, and moved it back.

If unpacking aspirin is this complicated, you can begin to imagine how difficult I'm making the rest of the unpacking!!! It's all fun though. We're rediscovering a lot of our "stuff" that has been boxed away for the past 10 months. I have lots of "stuff", and I'm sure once I figure out where to put it all, the house will be wonderful!

Hubby has been busy installing closet shelving. He finished our walk-in closet, and is now working on my "yarn containment system" in our upstairs closet. Once he's done with the shelving, I can get my yarn organized and get back on the hook. (I have literally over 15 large cartons packed with yarn and crochet paraphernalia!)

That fabulous basket in the photo was a wonderful gift from our Realtor Jim and his lovely wife Debbie. Jim and Debbie have become good friends! On the day of our move, they stopped buy to surprise us with that lovely basket filled with fresh local produce from the green market. The photo was taken with the cell phone the next day, so the flowers had wilted a bit, but we've been enjoying the beans and tomatoes, and the corn is the best that we've ever tasted!!! The local produce is so delicious, and the basket was such a thoughtful gift. To top it off, when Debbie and Jim came buy, they brought us sandwiches and drinks for lunch! It was such a generous gesture on a day when we probably would have gone without lunch, and it made us feel so lucky to have made new and dear friends!!! ( and a friendly tip.... if you ever have the opportunity to hear Jim perform with his blues band O2R, you'll be in for a treat!!! The band is great and it's always fun to hear them perform!)

So.... it's been a very busy few weeks, but its been a great few weeks. Oh..... and it seems that the hives didn't move to the new house with us!!! We moved on Friday, and immediately saw improvement. As of the last 2 days, we're both hive-free!!!!


Blogger Jessica & Todd said...

congrats! We can't wait to come visit. And now that we know where the aspirin is we will make sure Olivia stays away! :) Enjoy getting settled! Much Love!

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Sure hope you solved the asprin placement dilemma. So happy the hives did not follow you to the new house. Can't wait to see it. The pics are gorgeous. You are both so fortunate to have such a lovely place to live.

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