Sunday, August 24, 2008
Too Much?

I have a problem with moderation. I do understand that too much of a good thing can be bad. Too much wine, too much chocolate, too much ice cream - these things can make you drunk, or make you gain weight, or harden your arteries. I get it.

But too much yarn? Is there such a thing as too much yarn? I didn't think so!

Well, my hubby has finished building my yarn containment center, and for the second night, I have decided to get my yarn organized and neat.

I CAN'T DO IT!!! I just have SO MUCH YARN!

I have a full plastic tub of baby yarn. Another of "Fancy" baby yarn. I have an entire bin of LuLu - I don't even like working with LuLu! I have a bin of homespun, a bin of denim style, a tub of Red Heart, a bigger tub of Caron Simply Soft. I have TLC, and Chunky. I have a bin of cotton yarns, and a bin of wool blends. I have several bins of yarn that I can't even identify. I have enough scraps to fill several bins.

I haven't even got to my hooks, fleece, beads, buttons and ribbons!

I know that I will get this all organized, but right now I'm honestly not sure how!

If anyone would like to share their favorite scrap yarn patterns, I would be grateful!


Blogger Sandy said...

LOL....been where you are, and so am shaking my head smiling. To answer your question, no..I don't think you have too much yarn.

My first attempt at organization was exactly what you're doing. I had yarn separated by type in tubs with lids. Constantly I was searching through them to see what colors I had, how much of each color ..did I have enough to make xyz. Sometimes you have balls left over from something and everytime ---no matter how careful you tried to be the yarn in balls would tangle and you spend more time untangling to see what you had underneath, or how much of something you had. Tubs were stacked, move one to get to another. Lug them around. Couldn't see through them because this was quite a few years back and the tubs weren't clear.

I scraped plan A and moved to plan B. I bought those super large zip lock bags. There basically clear, some slightly blue tinted; but they are HUGE. I re-separated my yarn by color. I have a huge back of normal colors, one each for blue, red, orange, green, white, black etc. Then I have one for varigated yarn. I do not have the yarn separated by type or weight. This method has worked far far better for me. I can lift the bags easier...they're lighter weight than the tubs. I can see most of whats in there even while the bags are on the shelfs, though sometimes I do need to take them down open the bag and rummage a bit. Far easier to find how much of this or that do I have. Once the bag is sealed, I re-open just the end, sit on the bag and squeeze out lots of air then seal it again and it takes less room.

Things I like to make with scraps are granny squares, striped scrafs and hats. Baby booties don't take much yarn either and could be a good way to use up scraps.

Good luck with your project.

pssssssss be on the look out for the mailman

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Where could I find Heidi's newborn cap pattern? Today I saw the set you made for the triplets back in 2006 and wondered if the pattern is available. I also make baby hats. Thanks for your help and I really enjoy your blog and am inspired by all the work you have done for others. Blessings,J.

Blogger Wormie said...

Thanks Sandy!
I actually did consider sorting them by color, and that would work, but if I make a baby pattern, I like to mix colors of the same weight yarn. I stuck to this method and we'll see how it works. My bins are on shelves, not stacked on each other, so it should be ok. I just need to label them so I can see what is in each without pulling them out to check.

One system I had in the old house that was GREAT was using those hanging closet bags that they have to stock sweaters in. That way they stayed neat, but you could see everything easily. It was GREAT - but my stash outgrew that method.

I really do think I may have too much, but now that its organized, I can work on using more of it. :)

Blogger Wormie said...

Hi J!
Thanks for commenting.
I'm not sure which cap pattern you're looking for. If you want to e-mail me the image or link, I can see if I have it to send to you.

Wormswords at Gmail dot com

The pattern that I made for the triplets, I believe was one by Lyn from Angel Crafts. If so, that pattern is not available for free on the web, but if you google angelcrafts you may be able to find it or contact Lyn to see if she'll make it available.


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