Monday, November 10, 2008
for the kittens

A few posts ago I mentioned that I wanted to make some kitty lay and play blankets for the local shelter. A road trip this past weekend gave me the chance to make two. I took some liberties with my original pattern and played around with various textures.

The orange one was kind of fun. It has very subtle stripe pattern that I created by alternating a few rows of single layer stitching with a few rows of double layer stitches. For the double layer, I worked a row in the round for double thickness. It was fun, and is very soft and cushy.

The tweed blanket has a nice texture made by alternating double crochet with FPDC. That too was fast and fun to make. Both have a spiral cat toy built in.


Blogger Sandy said...

What a cute and clever thing, blanket with toy attached!

Thanks so much for the hugs and good will. We all surely need it.


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