Tuesday, October 28, 2008
Lovely Baby Blanket

Original pattern by Wormie


2 colors baby weight yarn (I used white and pink Baby Coordinates)

G Hook

Stitches used:

Double Crochet Base Stitch (click here for video instructions)

Double Crochet (DC)

V-Stitch – Double crochet, chain 2, Double crochet (all in same stitch)

Cluster - (click here for video instructions)

Single Crochet (SC)


Finished blanket is approx 23” x 28”

Row 1) Use Double Crochet Base Stitch to create a starting row 91 stitches long.

Row 2) Chain 3 (counts as first DC), DC in next stitch. Skip next stitch, **V-stitch in next, skip 2 stitches**, repeat ** across row to last 2 stitches. DC in each of last 2 stitches. Turn.

Row 3) Chain 3 (counts as first DC), DC in next Stitch, chain 1, **cluster in next V-stitch, chain 2**, repeat ** across to last 2 stitches. DC in each of last 2 stitches. (At end of row 3 I changed from white to pink yarn. If you want to change colors, do so with last pull through of last DC in row 3. Cut the white yarn and work the end in as you work

row 4. Turn

Row 4) With pink yarn chain 1 (counts as first SC). SC in next DC, SC in top of cluster, 2 SC in space between clusters. Continue SC across the row. At last SC change back to white yarn. (cut the pink yarn and work the tail in as you work row 5). Turn.

Row 5) With white yarn chain 3 (counts as first DC), DC across row. Turn

Row 6) repeat row 2.

Row 7) repeat row 3

Row 8) repeat row 4.

Row 9) Repeat row 5

Continue this pattern working rows 5-9 fourteen more times.

At end of row 64 do not change color or turn work. Continue working with pink yarn, doing SC around remaining 3 sides (along long sides of the blanket, place 2 SC in the side of each DC and 1 sc in each sc. Work 3 SC in each corner stitch. After working perimeter of blanket, join w/ slip stitch to first sc of row 64.

Border: For the border I used my Loopy Edging (click here for photo instructions):

With pink yarn chain 7, skip next 4 DC, SC in next stitch. **chain 7, dc in 5th sc**, repeat around entire perimeter of blanket joining with slip stitch to base of first arch.

Working in same row under the first arch, slip stitch into next 2 sc. Remove the hook and pull the loop through to the back side of the arch. **Chain 7, pulling chain to the front of your work sc in center stitch of first arch.** Repeat this pattern all the way around the perimeter creating an interwoven arched border.

This blanket can be made in a solid color yarn, or have fun by experimenting with the stripe pattern by changing the color on the V-stitch or cluster-stitch row.

This is an original copywrited pattern. Feel free to use it for personal or charity use, but do not sell the pattern or post it elsewhere. You may link back to this original pattern post.

Note - pattern corrected - Thank you for your comment, Cortney!


Blogger kathy said...


Blogger Courtney said...

I think that when it says to repeat row 3 it means row 2...repeat row 4 should be row 3 and...repeat row 5 should really be row 4...Is that correct?

Anonymous Anonymous said...

I'm finding it hard to figure out where the single crochet's go on row4, its not too clear or I am dense lol

Blogger Wormie said...

Of course you're not dense - if you can't figure it out, I need to describe it more clearly. I don't have the project in front of me, so I'm not sure how.....

Basically, you want to single-crochet across the entire row, so sc in each stitch and 2 sc in the space between the clusters? Does that make sense?

Anonymous Anonymous said...

I love this pattern but would love to make it bigger, how can I add to the witdth? I ma not to good at the math of it, I know how to make it longer

Blogger Wormie said...

you can make the width any length you would like. Just make sure to start with a chain that is a multiple of 3 plus 1

Anonymous Anonymous said...

pattern looks great, but there is no suggested quantity of yarn to purchase.

Blogger Wormie said...

Sorry Ru,
I made this so long ago - I believe that I used just a small qty of pink and less than 2 skeins of white.

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