Sunday, September 28, 2008
A gift for me!!!
My dear friend Sara sent me a wonderful present!!! I'm so excited! She created new banner art for my blog! I just love it, and think it's such a personal and wonderful gift!

Sara is a wonderful graphic artist and designer. She's worked in publishing, has created fabulous logos, brochures, and t-shirts (you can see and buy some of her fun t-shirt designs at Shirtsations), and I feel honored that she took the time to design this banner for me.

Sara surprised me by re-designing my blog title and using one of the baby sweaters that I've made as a background. I just LOVE it!

Thank you, Sara!!!


Blogger Sandy said...

Your spacing is really off. When you first come to your page it appears to be totally blank, except for the new banner which I noticed...then your small stuff on the right is there; but to find your actual blog your have to scroll extremely far to the right and almost all the way down the page? Your last words on sentences are almost not there.

Thanks for the sweet comments about Janet, hope things are well with you; and maybe someone more techy than me can tell you whats wonky with the site? Good luck and have a great week.


Blogger Wormie said...

Thanks for the heads-up, Sandy!

In Firefox it looks beautiful, but w/ Internet explorer it's terrible! I don't know how to fix it. I noticed it on the road last week, but when I got home it was fixed. Apparently is wasn't fixed - it's just good with Firefox. I'll need somebody more Internet savvy than I to help me figure this out. :-(

Blogger Sandy said...

Popping back in, you know this happened about the same type that many of us couldn't get into Ghost's site. With that, I'm getting a message that says Int. Expl can't open this page. She and I've explored and talked about this, she is a mac user, are you? She said people who have foxfire have no problem, but quite a few of us with Int. Expl. are suddenly having trouble. Same here, your page was perfect before and now there's this apparent difference with foxfire vs int. expl. I don't know what that means, but thought I would add case whomever you talk to is able to make sense out of it. lol

I don't know how many use foxfire vs int. expl, but thought int. expl was the primary browser on most computers?


Blogger Wormie said...

I'm going to get a friend of mine to help me figure this out. I'm not quite smart enough to get it right myself. :(

I do use Firefox at home, and IE at work. I don't have a mac, I have a pc, and I know that lots of times things work on one and look wonky on the other. It's surprising though that it works on Firefox and not IE - I would have guessed the other way around. Hopefully I can get help to get it fixed soon.

Thanks, Sandy!!

Blogger kathy said...


Blogger Wormie said...

Oh Yay!
Thank you, Kathy! I did tweak something myself (which is always scary since I know nothing about HTML). Hope it stays fixed!!

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