Tuesday, November 18, 2008
A labor of Love
My dad is going to need some major surgery soon, so I thought it would be nice to make him some slippers. I used this Moccasin Pattern. It's a great design, and the pattern is well written, but for some reason I had the hardest time getting these done.

I hate to admit it, but I like instant gratification and if at first I don't succeed, I often move onto something else. This project was hard! I frogged and started over several times. I made 4 single slippers in order to figure out the right size. I have several half pairs of slippers lying around and have no desire to make the matching slipper!

I don't know why these were so hard for me. The pattern is clearly written. I guess I was just off my game. They were made with Bernat Worsted yarn. Black for the soles and a brown/green mix for the tops.Working with the dark yarn was difficult - the good news is that I ordered myself two lighted hooks (I laughed at these months ago when they were in the local stores - now that they're not locally available and I have to pay shipping charges, I just have to have them!).

So.... I hope they'll fit my dad. They look small to me, but my dad has tiny feet. I'm going to use black puff paint on the soles to make them non-slide. I hope dad will be able to use them in the hospital and when he's back home recovering.


Blogger Sandy said...

How's your dad doing? You've read about mom and her surgery. It's never easy with parents having surgeries or difficult times. Perhpas it was as much that, as the actual crocheting? Do you like the lighted hooks? I use plastic hooks for the light weight due to my arthristis, carpal tunnel etc.

I may have items ranging from preemie to newborn. I made them inbetween size for a preemie project; but have been unable to get address where to mail. 6 pr booties and 4 hats. All are stretching enough I think they would work for average newborns. If in another day or so I don't get address, are they ok to send for Marine Corp Kids?


Blogger Wormie said...

Thanks, Sandy.
Dad has to see a few more specialists before he can schedule the surgery.
The slippers were tough, but I like them. I started a pair for my mom last night. I have to start over because I made it a smidgen too small, but I love the pattern!!! Had to cook for a work party tonight, but hopefully I'll finish tomorrow.
Haven't received the lighted hooks yet, but I think Joann's shipped them today. :-)

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