Saturday, February 14, 2009
A Hookers Valentine
My Honey knows me, and he knows what I like. This year for Valentine's Day I got two heartfelt wonderful cards, some yummy chocolate, I'm getting a home-cooked yummy dinner, and I got this great crochet book!!!

I always look at the crochet books and magazines when we go to Barnes and Noble, and they rarely have books that I love. Many are too basic, don't explain the stitches well, or contain a collection of patterns that, while lovely, may not interest me.

Crochet Inspiration was different. This book explained many stitches and techniques. It included a lot that I knew, and a lot more that I can't wait to learn.

The photographs, instructions and graphics are all clear and easy to understand!

This is a fabulous book and a fabulous gift!

Thank you, Honey! Happy Valentines Day!


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