Thursday, February 11, 2010
It's done!

My octagon motif baby blanket if finished!

I wanted to do another round on the edging, but it started to ripple so I tore it out. It's now complete with just one border of magenta dc.

I like this pattern because it hides the mistakes well. There are a few in there, but I don't think they are obvious.

I plan to do another octagon motif blanket using solid octagons in an effort to use up a lot of scrap yarn. I don't think the solids will be as visually compelling, but I think it will be pretty and there won't be so many ends to work in.

This blanket will be donated to Marine Corps Kids.


Anonymous Sherri I said...

The octagon afghan turned out really neat! And it is going to a good cause. Thanks for sharing.

Blogger Ghost said...

whenever i see this it makes me feel so happy.

Blogger Mel said...

Congratulations on a job well done! Somebody is going to be so lucky! It's so bright and festive - it is definitely a cheerful blanket!

Anonymous Angie said...

Very bright and cheerful. I love it!

Blogger Kate said...

Your octagon baby blanket is fabulous! Well done. It is so bright and colourful and bound to cheer up someone's day.

Blogger Jessica & Todd said...

Delia, that is so beautiful! Can I request one when/if another came comes around? :)

Blogger Sandy said...

This is gorgeous...but the thought of all those ends to tuck in makes me cringe. What wonderful bright cheery colors.


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