Thursday, February 04, 2010
Making Progress

My Octagon motif project is growing.

Somehow I made a mistake and had to remove and a few motifs. The white trimmed motif in the top row is wrong - somehow I have an extra section in there. I didn't notice until I added the next row on, and it was all wonky.

I removed 3 motifs from the top and reattached them on the now bottom row. I think that the mistake won't be so noticeable when I'm done and edge the entire piece.

A few more rows and it will be large enough for a baby blanket. I'm enjoying making the motifs, but not enjoying the joining so much. Still, I think, mistakes and all, this is a colorful and fun piece.


Blogger Jessica & Todd said...

Love that! You are so talented! I want to request one for the next baby, whenever he/she becomes a possibility! :)

Blogger Mel said...

It's looking great, and coming along quickly! Thanks for such a fun-to-read blog!!

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