Sunday, February 14, 2010
Octagon Patchwork in progress

I have a lot of yarn to use up in a scrap-ghan so I decided to use the octagon motif in solids to make a patchwork blanket.

It's not as colorful as the mixed color motif blanket, but I think it will be pretty. Hubby actually likes the solid motifs better than the mixed colors. I like that it goes so much faster and there are less ends to worry about.


Blogger Ghost said...

It is going to be another pretty one.

Blogger Mel said...

Hi!! I was looking for a way to email you privately but I don't see one, so I'm leaving you a comment instead; since you have to approve them, I figure you can just not approve this one and it would sort of be the same as a private message... :) Just wanted to say that your solid motifs afghan is coming along nicely, but they are actually hexagons, not octagons... LOL Octagons have 8 sides, your motifs have 6, so they are hexagons. Now, I'm going to leave another comment that you can approve if you want to, and it will just say how nice I think it's looking... Hope you had a nice Valentine's Day!! :)

Blogger Mel said...

This newest afghan is looking very pretty! I like it a lot! I did like the other one, with all of the color explosions, but this one is turning out beautifully as well! Thanks so much for sharing all of your lovelies with us, I so enjoy looking at all of your work!! Hope you had a FANTASTIC Valentines Day! Happy Hooking!! :)

Blogger Knitty Nina said...

I can't stand this any longer. Isn't it a hexagon if it's six sides and eight sides for an octagon? Anyway, which ever it is, you are doing a great job. I have some pieces for one of these hanging out in a bag of UFOs.

Anonymous marni said...

Hi, I just made the Scully cap you published back in Jan. '07. I nade it for my 7 y.o.daughter and she loves it! Thank you!

I came to look at the rest of your site and would love to make your solid color hexagon(Octagon :)) Have you posted insructions?


Blogger Wormie said...

Hi Marni,

The instructions for the hexagon are available here:

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