Tuesday, June 21, 2011
Love it!

I'm having so much fun weaving again, that I got the shawl done tonight! I love the way it came out! The photos don't show the colors well, they are non-traditional, so people will either like them or hate them. I love the colors, and the way they blend, but mostly I love the soft drape and the texture of this fabric. The yarn is so wonderful to work with!

I think this will make a great nursing shawl - it is tight enough to offer privacy and light weight enough so as not to smother the baby. The size ended up being fine.

I have another skein of the yarn (this only took 2 skeins) and I was planning on weaving thin strips to make a neck strap and adding boning in the center to make it a more traditional nursing shawl. Now that it is finished, I'm think I'm leaning towards not adding straps. While the straps might make it a better nursing shawl, it would make the fabric useless once the baby is a bit older. Left this way it can later be used as a small shawl or a toddler sized lap blanket. I think I'll sleep on it and decide tomorrow.

In the meantime, I love that I'm weaving again! I'm having so much fun and can't wait to start my next project.

I'm really happy with how this shawl turned out.


Anonymous Sherri I said...

I am glad to see you weaving again. I would like to see about having you weave a scarf for a Christmas gift for my daughter. She loves purple. Could we talk?

tba247 (at) hotmail (dot) com

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