Thursday, June 16, 2011
Weaving in the Wee Hours

I haven't done any weaving in many months. I started a chenille scarf.... I don't even remember when, and it's just been sitting on the loom. So tonight, after realizing that sleep was going to elude me, I started to weave again.

Now I remember why I love weaving. It's so relaxing!

This is a simple weave - nothing fancy. I'm using the same variegated chenille for the warp and the weft, and the colors are striping beautifully. This yarn weaves so tightly that it's going to take some time to get this project finished, but when it's finally done, I think it will be a beautiful, soft, warm scarf!

Of course the fact that this has been sitting on the loom for months has not deterred me from buying yarn for planned projects! I have yarn for 4 additional projects that I would like to make waiting in my stash! So now I'm excited to finish this scarf so I can move forward with my other projects!!!


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