Friday, April 29, 2011
Cable Hat

Since I'm enjoying making cable blankets now, I wanted to find a pattern for a cable hat to go with them. I found this pattern online, and loved it! Today I tried to make a hat using this pattern and the green yarn I used for the ivory and green cable blanket.

The pattern is a bit tricky, but I think it's beautiful. Unfortunately, the yarn I used is a bit too thick to be practical for a baby hat. I think I got the basics mechanics of this hat down, but the finished product is thick and stiff and, in my opinion, too bulky for a baby. I will certainly try this pattern again, but next time I'll use a baby yarn that will be nice and soft and yield a hat that a baby can actually use.

I did want to share the pattern, though, because I really think its beautiful.


Blogger Ghost said...

when i have problems reading a pattern I find that when I work it again it seems to go much easier. This turned out great in my opinion.

Blogger Sandy said...

Maybe you could wash it with fabric softner then block it and see if that softens it up enough? Turned out cute I think.

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