Saturday, May 14, 2011

I went back to my first cable hat pattern, and tried again using the Red Heart Eco-Ways yarn that I used for the cable blanket. This time I got a hat that I actually like and think can be worn! It came out a bit smaller than I hoped for, but it will be fine for a newborn. I'm going to send this along with the cable blanket and the larger hat I originally made to my friend who is expecting soon!

In other exciting news, I finally am taking a knitting class! Today and next Saturday I will have a Knitting 101 class at my favorite yarn store, In a Yarn Basket! I honestly don't think I'll enjoy knitting as much as I enjoy crochet, and I suspect I will never be an advanced knitter, but this is something I've wanted to master for several years, and I'm glad I'm finally doing it!!


Blogger Sandy said...

Hat is great. Good luck with the knitting classes. I feel like you, doubt my knitting will ever get to the level I consider my crocheting to be. Though, I'm not comfortable taking classes...

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