Sunday, July 10, 2011
My Loot!

Last weekend a friend and I went to Sheep Street for their open house. I love going to Sheep Street! It's a wonderful local yarn store on a working sheep farm. We got to shop all the lovely yarn and visit the barn to see the sheep and the alpacas.

They were having an open house and a silent auction to benefit the local humane society. They hoped to get $600 in donations for the Humane Society, but ended up with $1100 to donate!

I was a double winner! In the silent auction I won a gorgeous hand-made shuttle for my loom, AND I won a door prize for a $25 gift certificate! My friend, Lynne, also won two items in the silent auction.

We went back there today to pick up our loot. I used my gift certificate to buy some absolutely gorgeous Araucania Patagonia cotton yarn in reds. I'm going to weave this into a shawl and keep it for myself! I can't wait to work with this yummy yarn! It's so soft and beautiful and I just LOVE the color. They call it Reds, but it's really shades of pink, salmon and brown. I think it should be lovely to weave with!

The shuttle that I won is really beautiful! It was handmade by Couch's Little Workshop. It's a new business and they are obviously still working on their website, but they seem to do wonderful woodworking! I'll be checking back on their website to see more about them.

It's very rare that I win anything, so this was a big thrill! I can't wait to work with my new shuttle and yarn!


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