Thursday, August 11, 2011
The thrill and the agony of crafting

My cousin and his wife recently had twins, so I decided to weave blankets for the babies. I found a gorgeous baby color cotton/rayon blend to use for the weft, and decided to use a pink warp for the girl and a blue warp for the boy.

I just finished the girl's blanket. I love the yarn. I love the way the colors blended. The weave looks beautiful! I totally messed up on the size though. It's too narrow and long for a baby blanket, and too short for a shawl. I'm sad.

Hopefully I have enough yarn to start over and make two small blankets - or should be wall the carriage covers? Wish me luck!!!


Blogger Sandy said...

It is beautiful, sorry for the size trouble, lots of luck on your continued projects.

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