Tuesday, July 26, 2011
A great visit

Yesterday I got to meet my new great-niece, Cecilia, and to visit with her big sister, mom and nana. I hadn't seen them all in almost a year, so it was great to have some quality time together and get some yummy Olivia hugs.

In the photos you can see baby Cecilia with her new hat and her new Stuffy Bear. The bear is bigger than Cecilia, and probably weights more than she does.

Olivia seemed to like her new stuffed bunny. She is such a gorgeous child and I always love visiting with her.

You can also see Cecilia snuggling with her mommy, Olivia laughing with her Nana, and a photo of the nursing cover that I made for Jessica. I am not good at sewing so I'm glad the seams don't show in the photo, but the design of this cover is a good one.

Hope to get a chance to see everyone soon. As Olivia would say, "I love my peoples!"


Blogger Jessica & Todd said...

It was a fun visit! It was so great to see you! Thank you very much for all of the wonderful gifts for me and the girls. You are a very thoughtful Aunt/Great Aunt! Hope to see you again soon. Hugs!

Blogger CottonCandyG said...

Beautiful girls... The older child literally looks like a doll. I had to look twice. Love your blog...

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