Wednesday, July 13, 2011
Bear embryos

Five years ago I made Stuffy Bear for my great-niece, Olivia. Stuffy was one of my first stuffed animals. While I was making him, I had no faith that he would turn out well. In the embryo stage he looked like an eggplant. Then I put a face on him and he sort of looked like a baby harp seal. In the end he turned out pretty cute. Olivia loved him and slept with him every night until his stuffing just collapsed and he turned into a flat pillow with a face.

Now Olivia has a baby sister, Cecilia, and I would be a bad Aunt if I didn't make a bear for her too. I tried to use fluffy yarn (similar to what I used for Stuffy Bear) and it was impossible to work with. I couldn't see the stitches, and the bear ended up with a large bulge in an unfortunate location - totally inappropriate for a baby! I went out and bought some Baby's First yarn by Lion Brand. It's not fuzzy like stuffy bear, but it's soft and pink.

As I worked with the yarn, I realized that the new bear was going to be larger than Stuffy. She's also rather lumpy looking. I began to despair as the bear developed a lumpy belly and a pointy head. I was ready to give up, but my husband told me to go on. I frogged the top of the head, reshaped it to be a bit more round, and sewed on the snout. I still wasn't thrilled, so I decided to give her her face. Tada! Now she's cute! All she needed was a face!

I have to still make her arms legs and ears, and I'm out of stuffing. I hope to buy some more stuffing tomorrow and get this bear done in the next few days.

Then, if all goes as planned, I can go visit Olivia and meet Cecilia and deliver this bear in person!


Blogger Melissa said...

Hand made bears are the best. They can look good or bad and it doesn't matter.

Blogger Sandy said...

Both are adorable, but so understand what you mean about not being able to see stitches. As our eyes get older that becomes more of an issue. Notice I didn't say we got older, lol. Keep up the good work.

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