Saturday, September 03, 2011
For the twins.

My cousin and his wife recently had twins! I haven't met my new baby cousins yet, but I've seen photos, and they are adorable!

I made each of them a woven blanket with matching crocheted cap and booties. For the blanket, I used a wonderful variegated cotton that I bought at The Textillery for the weft, and a bright solid pink and blue respectively for the warp. I love the way the colors mixed.

The hats and booties are crocheted with the warp yarn and trimmed with the weft yarn. I think the sets came out cute. I hope the babies like them!!!

The hat uses my Bordering on Adorable pattern. The booties used this adorable pattern. For some reason, I struggled a bit with the booties, but it's worth it because I think the design is really cute!!!


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