Thursday, October 20, 2011
Knitting Fun

My knitting skills are still very poor, and I am making very slow progress on my baby blanket. While I am starting to like knitting, and I love the resulting fabrics, I find knitting sort of stressful.

I think that the new Boa Scarfs are pretty fun, and I wanted to try making one. This isn't "normal" knitting. You don't cast on the stitches, you just loop the yarn over the needle and start with knit stitches. It's a bit awkward at first, but then it becomes sort of zen. I'm having fun with it!

Mine is using black Tutu by Crystal Palace Yarns that I bought at The Clay Purl in Nashville, Indiana. I love the ruffles and hope I can complete this without any major snafus. And I get to use my breast cancer awareness knitting needles!


Blogger Sandy said...

Not sure I understand what you mean about not casting on. It looks interesting though, best of luck.

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