Sunday, November 06, 2011
Margaret's Scarf

My friend Margaret requested one of the ruffle scarves. I have so much fun making them, that I was happy to knit one for her. I told her to purchase the color she wants and I'll whip up the scarf.

She chose the Katia Ronda in a beautiful deep eggplant color. This was the first time I've worked with the Ronda - it's lovely. It's very similar to the Rizos yarn that I have used, but has a delicate thread edging that adds a bit of sophistication to the scarf.

I hope she's happy with it.


Blogger Pat Swagger said...

love this scarf. Where can I find the pattern? I also live in Indiana and we're called HOOSIERS!! HAHA...Pat

Blogger Wormie said...

Hi Pat! Until someone tells me what a Hoosier is, I still like the sound of Indianaonian. Say it 3 times - it's fun!!! :D

There are several (or many) of these ribbon yarns that you can use for this scarf. I've used:
Crystal Palace Tutu
Katia Rizos and
Katia Ronda.

They all work up basically the same way and they all offer a free pattern with purchase. I haven't looked, but the pattern should be basically the same too. The one I used can be found on the Straw website for Chrystal Palace:


Blogger Pat Swagger said...

Wormie, a Hoosier is someone who lives in Indiana!!! Thanks for the info. I'm enjoying your blog.

Anonymous Sandy said...

Very pretty, I crocheted one ruffle scarf about this time last year for my niece....she didn't seem thrilled with it. Sigh.......

Blogger Robbie said...

would you be able to tell me how to do this scarf crocheting as I do not knit

Blogger Wormie said...

Robbie, unfortunately, you can't crochet with this yarn. It's a great beginners knitting project (I'm a beginner myself), but the yarn does not lend itself to crochet.

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