Sunday, October 23, 2011
Finished Boa

I just finished my Tutu Boa knit scarf. How fun! I love all the ruffles! It's long enough that you can wrap it around the neck more than once, so it can be worn long and loose for fashion, or short and wrapped for warmth.

The pattern was fun to make and super easy. I did make a few mistakes along the way, but it's so forgiving, I don't think the mistakes are visible. The one place where I had problems was in binding off. I really screwed up there a bit. I ended up doing it wrong, and then I dropped a few stitches and had a really hard time finding them to pick them back up. In the end, I know I didn't correct it fully, but the scarf looks fine.

I'm going to have fun making more of these. It was really fun!


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