Saturday, June 23, 2012
Got the Blues
And no, I'm not referring to the shades of blue yarn that I used in my attempt at a log cabin blanket - I'm referring to my by mood.  Three weeks of back pain have me very cranky!  I have graduated out of the complete bed rest phase, but I still find sitting for more than 10 minutes impossible.  I'm bored and cranky.

After finishing my beaded scarf (which I'm very pleased with) I've attempted to start new knitting projects.  I started a log blanket and failed.  Then I started some square patterns and got bored. 

This morning I started another log cabin.  It only proved to remind me that I am still a complete novice.  My knitting was ok, but I did a lousy job with color changes and picking up stitches.  I know that practice makes perfect, but right now I need a little positive reinforcement - not a lesson in patience. 

I have yarn and beads for another beaded scarf, so perhaps I should start that.  Or maybe I should just pick up some yarn and a hook and crochet something.  My crochet skills are much more advanced, and I know that I can make something for Marine Corps Kids.


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