Thursday, December 07, 2006
Speaking of Poop
Which came first - the egg or the Poop?

The story that you are about to read is true.
The names have been changed to protect the ignorant.

Today I had lunch with my co-workers. Let’s call them “Dazed” and “Confused”.

Dazed: You can’t eat anything anymore. Everything makes you sick. First it was the spinach and the e-coli, now it’s the chicken.

Worm: What happened with chicken?

Dazed: Someone got salmonella from chicken.

Worm: Well, yeah – that’s why it’s so important to cook poultry thoroughly and to clean up well after you handle raw poultry. Salmonella is always a risk with raw poultry.

Confused: Yeah. [my spawn] laughs at me because I wash the eggs.

Dazed: Ha ha ha – why do you wash eggs?

Confused: To clean them.

Worm: I never thought of that. I guess it might be a good idea to wash them before breaking them, but you have to cook the egg anyway.

Dazed: But you don’t eat the shell.

Worm: True, but it’s like washing the cantaloupe before cutting it. The knife can drag bacteria into the fruit.

Confused: Everyone should wash it – it’s gross.

Dazed: Why?

Confused: Because it comes from the place where the chicken poops.

Worm and Dazed: Ha Ha Ha Ha

Confused: What?

Worm: It doesn’t come from the same place.
Confused: Yes! It comes from the chickens butt.

Worm: You had a baby. Did he come out of the same hole you poop from?

Confused: No. You mean chickens have two holes?

Worm: Yes. An egg hole and a poop hole.

Confused: Really?????

Dazed: All the poop talk – I’m not hungry anymore.

Confused: I always thought it came from the same hole.

Worm: Think about it! The so called “poop-hole” is attached to the digestive system. The egg can’t pass through the digestive system.

Confused: No, but I thought it was like two tubes leading to the same hole.

Worm: Ah – like two hallways to the same door?

Confused: Exactly!

Worm: Um……no.

Another day in the life of a worm.
Think I could make a living off of crochet?

Sadly, it had been pointed out to me, that when it comes to chickens, I am "Dumb and Dumber". Apparently, there are two different hallways leading to one door. I stand corrected and humiliated.


Blogger wendyb532 said...

Who says you can't learn something new everyday? I will now know the answer if anyone asks me where the egg comes out of a chicken! However, I doubt it will cause me to wash eggs before I cook them.


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