Monday, April 16, 2007
Day at the Beach
I recently posted an afghan that I made using the Lion Brand Homespun Openwork Afghan Pattern.

I had so much fun making that afghan, that I started this wavy afghan using an adaptation of the original pattern. I highly recommend Lion Brand's patten - it was fun to make and the afghan is beautiful, but this wavy pattern is fun, and in these colors it reminds me of waves and sun - I'm calling this baby blanket "Day at the Beach Blanket".

I don't claim this to be an original pattern. It is my adaptation of Lion's pattern, and I give them credit for the wavy design, but rather than complete their pattern, I just worked with interlocking waves.
To make my adaptation - take the foundation line from the pattern, and then just work line 2 in the opposite order to fill in the peaks and valleys.
I'm not sure if I can copy the line from their pattern here, so I suggest your read the original pattern for the foundation
Then, for my version:
Line 2 : *tc in first 2 sc, dc in hdc, hdc in dc, sc in next 2 TC, hdc in dc, dc in hdc, sc in the next 2 tc* repeat ** to end.
basically - after the foundation row, just alternate
sc goes in each TC of previous row
HDC goes in each DC of previous row
DC goes in each HDC of previous row
TC goes in each sc of previous row.
I changed colors every two rows to make the waves.


Anonymous i. isabel brown said...

this is very interesting, more coverage and simplified. colors make the design pop. Plan to make this in narrower strips with sport yarn to lessen bulk. wheelchair-bound with arthritis.

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