Friday, April 06, 2007
Big dogs and little girls

Work continues to be really stressful. Long hours, too much to do, too little time, not enough help. There is a glimmer of light at the end of the tunnel though - I'll have more staffing soon and we're getting some systems set up that should make life easier.

Today was, not surprisingly, another stressful day. One that brought this normally peace loving and docile worm to the brink of violence. I'm ashamed to admit that for a brief moment I wanted to inflict bodily harm on someone. Luckily, I wouldn't know how to throw a punch if I tried - and heaven forbid I break a nail in the process!!!

Anyway. The bosses brought in their little girl and their big puppy. What's better to brighten a day than a cute little girl and a big doofy dog?

So, the little girl was playing with beads, and I told her that I like beads too. We started talking and I told her that I crochet. She asked me to make her a hat. How could I refuse. She wanted light blue and yellow - and rainbows. Well, the rainbows were a bit much, but blue and yellow I can handle. We live in Florida so the only hat she could possibly need would be a cotton sun hat.

When I got home I pulled out some blue and yellow cotton, and made her a cap using my Textured Mesh Scully Pattern. I haven't made this hat since I posted the pattern, so I was pleased to see that it worked up easily, and that I actually like it more now than I did when I created it. I hope she likes it despite the lack of rainbows.

So a little girl and a big dog made me smile. Then the office closed early for Good Friday. That made me really smile. I went home, did my taxes, and should get a refund. Now I'm all smiles! Happy Weekend!


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