Monday, January 05, 2009
Abra Kadabra
Call it creative - call it lazy - either way, I had the idea that I could make a really quick baby jacket using the Edgerydoo. I was right!

I made this in about 2 hours and it was easy!

I folded a rectangular piece of fleece. Cut rectangles from the two corners to create the underarm shape. Sliced up the front, cut a triangular neck, and rounded the bottom corners.

I then pierced the fleece all around. SC'd in each hole with 2 chains in between. Slip stitched up the sides and underarm. SC around the whole edging and Tadah - it's a jacket.

I made this one in my least baby like fleece because it was my first attempt and I wasn't sure it would work. It could be made in any solid or non-directional design. If the fabric pattern has a specific direction, the front and back would have to be cut separately and another seam would need to be sewn across the shoulders. This would be do-able, but more complicated.

I'm sure I'll make more. It's a really quick way to make a cuddly little jacket. Hubby thinks it looks like an Aladdin jacket - lest the name Abra Kadabra.

I can see making lots of versions of this design. Once the basic jacket is assembled, it can be finished with any edging patterns. Ties or button closures can be added. Pockets can be sewn on. It can be embellished with patches, appliques or embroidery.

I think making these will be fun!!!

If anyone else tries this design, I would love to see photos of what you create!!


Blogger Vickie said...

That is so cute! It's fabulous and I can't believe you just whipped it up like that. Talented! Take Care :)

Blogger TracyLeigh said...

I love this idea!!! I have a ton of fleece stored up...I really have to try this. Actually I want to leave work NOW to try it....LOL
I just need to find my Edgerydoo's. I moved in November and haven't unpacked them yet.

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