Monday, February 23, 2009
Look Who's Knitting!

Started this last night. I thought it was going to be a one skein scarf, but it's 22" long, and I don't have much yarn left. Guess that means I have to buy another skein, huh? So much for my vow to use up all my yarn before buying more!

This is Chenille Thick and Quick in Amethyst Print.

My very first knit project. Nothing fancy - all knit stitch. But I cast on all by myself, I haven't dropped or lost any stitches - well, I did screw up a lot, but I think I was able to fix all my mistakes - can't be sure about that - the chenille may hide a lot.

I think that I'm a crocheter at heart, but this feels like an accomplishment. And if I can find more yarn, this scarf will look great with my purple jacket.


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Blogger Anabelle said...

nice!!! I plan on learning too.. just got to build up the courage :)

Anonymous Jen said...

This looks really good for a first time, or for a 20th time for that matter! Nice job!

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