Saturday, May 30, 2009
To Knit or Not to Knit - that is the question.

I think the answer is leaning more and more towards - NOT!

I don't like to perceive myself as a quitter, so after my first attempts at knitting were less than satisfying, I decide to give it another try. I bought another set of circular needles and a package of double points. I bought 2 baby hat patterns (bought them - not free from the internet - but an actual financial investment!) I read through the patterns and convinced myself that I could do it - and, of course, I can.

One problem. So far, I HATE it. With crochet I get immediate (or almost immediate) gratification. A baby hat is small! I can crochet a baby hat in no time. I can crochet several adult sized hats in a day. A crocheted baby sweater can be finished in a few evenings. Knitting is not so fast.

I spent several evenings and have a pathetic little uneven hat brim to show for it. I'm bored!!!

Now I'm not an easy quitter, and I'm very very cheap - so quitting after I've made a financial investment would be a horrible defeat, but I'm finding it very difficult to find the motivation to continue trying.

If any of you knitters have any advice, I'm all ears. Otherwise it might be time to admit that this Worm was meant to stick to the hook.


Blogger Knitty Nina said...

My suggestion: use knitting looms otherwise known as knitting without needles. I'm miserably slow with needles and would rather crochet like you, but I quickly got addicted to knitting on looms. Now I can knit much quicker and it's fun.

Blogger Drea said...

It sounds like you are exactly where I am when it comes to knitting! I am passionate about crocheting and it came so easy and now I'm attempting to knit and it's taking some getting used to. I'm going to keep at it for now. I think the results for knitting are worth it and wouldn't it be fun to be able to say you're proficient in both?!

Blogger Sandy said...

lol...I understand the speed thing; but have found I do more knitting of hats and booties for wee ones than crochet; I like how much more stretching it is when knitted which I think is good for sizing? Plus...sometimes it bothers my carpal tunnel less to knit than to crochet. Though I still do both, I've not messed with yarn in a while...I need motivation and have been outside more, and here on the net more. Too hard to do multiple things.


Blogger Mrs D said...

Too, too familiar! I tried to knit so many times over so many years and figured my hands just weren't meant to do it. But the socks! The lace! The sweaters!

And like you, I'm not a quitter either. So maybe a month ago, I tried again and had to experiment with several different techniques. What worked for me (like a miracle, actually), was combination knitting, and holding the yarn over my left index finger just like crocheting.

Links to the most helpful posts, etc. are in my blog, which has loosely chronicled my recent knitting adventures (and frustrations!).

Taking a break helps, too -- nobody says you have to learn to knit RIGHT NOW, and your books and needles won't go bad!

Good luck, Wormie!

Anonymous Anonymous said...


I'm also a relatively new knitter as well, although I haven't attempted to do a pattern yet. Just practicing the stitches more or less, off and on.

What I did was just in between my crocheting projects. I'd also carry around my knitting needles and yarn and just practice, practice, practice.

I too, though like yourself am finding it a bit slow in my progress. But it's not going to stop me! But just might take a bit more time, is all.

Don't get discouraged. You can do it!


Blogger Amanda said...

I learned how to knit first and am just now learning to crochet but my tip would be to multitask, try knitting while watching tv you not only get to watch a show you enjoy but then you also feel like you haven't wasted an hours worth of time.Don't give up!!!

Blogger Wormie said...

Thanks Amanda! Since I posted this, I actually have taken a class in knitting, and now I'm enjoying it. Crocheting still comes more naturally to me, but I love the soft fabrics that I can create with knitting. I still love weaving most, but now I'm doing all three crafts and enjoying them all!

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