Wednesday, March 04, 2009
That's more like it
Knit cap #2. This one looks a bit odd in the photo, but is actually okay enough to donate to Marine Corps Kids.

For this I actually followed a pattern, creating a ribbed band by alternating knit and pearl, and then alternating by row to the crown.

The closure at the top wasn't as clean as I would like, so I added a little crochet flower to the top.

My knitting is loose and sort of sloppy, but I did it!

Now I can get back to crocheting. It's much faster for me to crochet, and my work is a lot nicer. Of course, practice makes perfect, and maybe some day I'll be able to knit more neatly.


Blogger Sandie said...

I have tried knitting several times and I have a good time casting on. I love to cast on, but after that... I can do it but if I err I'm in big trouble and it just doesn't bring me the joy that crocheting does. I imagine if I'd practice more and get better at it that it would and I would enjoy it more. Perhaps in future.

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