Friday, February 27, 2009
My first knit project

Here it is - my first completed knit project!

It's supposed to be a one-skein scarf. It should have been a one and a half skein scarf - it's quite short, but I only had one skein of the yarn, and none of the local stores had another.

My friend Erna taught me to cast on and do a basic knit stitch. I immediately forgot how to cast on, but found a 2-needle method on You Tube that is much easier for me. The entire scarf is done in knit-stitch. I'm sure I made mistakes, but I didn't add or drop stitches, and this yarn is great for hiding boo-boos.

I watched another You Tube video to learn how to cast-on - and voila! It's short, but it's soft and warm and just long enough to tuck into my purple jacket.

I'm keeping this one for me! Next knit project will need to be with a less frou-frou yarn, so my mistakes aren't so easily forgiven. This was fun though. It felt like an accomplishment and in just 3 evenings I created I something that I can use. Happy Worm.


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