Saturday, July 04, 2009
Home Improvement Weekend

Happy 4th of July!

While yesterday was a beautiful day, today was rainy and gloomy. The rain never let up all day so all the local 4th festivities were canceled or postponed. Hubby and I had already planned to spend the long weekend on projects around the house, and it's been productive (if at times stressful).

We've been staining our deck for over a month now. Our deck is very large and half of it is screened in. We are staining in 2 colors, so it involves a lot of taping and ladder work. We've also been slaves to the weather - it's been an unusually wet summer.

Since we were rained out, we decided to install a tile backsplash today. This is something we've been talking about since we moved into the house. I really didn't want to start the backsplash until we finished the deck, but the rain today made the deck work impossible.

My real problem with the backsplash it that I'm not that handy around the house. Even with the most simple of projects, I'm convinced that I'll "ruin" my home. Hubby thinks he can take on any project and do it well and quickly. I am afraid to do anything and am sure that my involvement will result in the total destruction my home. Of course there isn't that much that I could do that I couldn't pay a professional to "fix", but the thought of messing up throws me into a panic.'s project was a bit traumatic for me. Just putting up the tile might have been ok, but cutting them wasn't easy. We have 8 outlets to work around, and I didn't think we could do it. The first hour was tough, but we didn't burn the house down when we used the dremel (despite all the sparks), and we didn't take an eye out with the tile cutters. We sort of got into a groove and, much to my delight, it's looking really good!!!

We got most of it done and will have to finish tomorrow. If I can get through the grouting without making a total mess, this is going to be a success!!! Hopefully by this time next week we'll have a beautiful backsplash and a finished deck, and maybe, just maybe, if these projects turn out well, I'll overcome my fear of "projects". I sort of doubt it though.


Blogger Mrs D said...

You will overcome your fear -- and being able to say "I did it myself" is a great feeling. It's looking good! Congratulations!

Blogger Sandy said...

Looks great and with your talent/and artistic eye you should relax and give yourself some credit. Sorry to hear you've had indoor weather though during a time when we all like and want to be outside.

We had the family over...what a gang, for the 4th. Everyone seemed to enjoy themselves.


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