Friday, June 05, 2009
As I subtly hinted in my last post, things have been a bit stressful lately. My stomach and my mind seem like they've been twisted up in knots - not a fun feeling. So.... I decided that if life was going to serve me twists, maybe I should learn to crochet some.

I haven't quite given up on knitting, but I'm beginning to doubt that I'll ever actually master the skill. If I can't complete a simple knit-purl project, I'll never knit a beautiful cable sweater, so the time seemed right to try crocheting cables.

These are my first two attempts. The first one was a bit tricky; the second was much easier. I don't think that they have the refinement or beauty of knit cables, but I'm willing to take a short cut now and then.


Blogger Sara said...

They look great for first attempts! I never got the hang of crochet cables.

Blogger Sandy said...

I've got a couple of patterns for crocheted cables, but the pictures don't show up very well, in that it doesn't seem the pattern/texture is very noticeable; so I've never tried it. Will have to one day.

Hope things improve for you soon, sorry to hear you're not 100%. As I make my way through blog land, it seems so many of us have too much on our plates and are way too many of us are dealing with medical issues and or family issues.

Hang in there
take your mind of things for awhile and visit my travel blog for a mini virtual vacation. lol

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