Saturday, August 08, 2009
For the boys

I am the first to admit that my first hairpin lace project did not result in a work of beauty. In my defense - it was my first attempt at a new technique, I used cheap yarn that I had on-hand to practice with, and while I love the technique I hate the Boye loom.

The photos in my last post were described as "interesting" - a term that in my own mind often means "ick". In any case, it was a good learning project. My new beautiful loom is here and I'm ready to try and make something pretty.

As for the first project.....I thought the boys might like it. Tater has a new love for an afghan that my MIL made for me many years ago. I'm always cold, so I sleep with this afghan. Tater thinks it's delicious - especially the blue fringe (the pink, white and yellow fringe apparently are not nearly as yummy".

So I finished off my sad little project and donated it to my boys for their clawing amusement.


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