Saturday, August 08, 2009
Free Pattern: Easiest-Ever Baby Headband

This week Kimela left a comment on my blog asking if I had a beginner pattern for a baby headband. I’ve seen some really cute headband patterns online, but the more I thought about it, the more I thought that I could make a fast and super-easy beginner pattern.

What I came up with is so simple that I hesitate to call it a "pattern"!

I had two “brilliant” ideas. One – by using a no-chain foundation stitch, I could make a stretchy headband without having to sew or weave in a piece of elastic. Two – for even more stretch, I could use stretchy sock yarn. A trip to the yarn store and a few minutes crocheting and I had headbands!

What you’ll need:

A small amount of stretchy sock yarn - I used Cascade Yarns “Fixation” which is a cotton elastic mix.

A “D” hooks (3mm)

A sewing needle and a small amount of thread in a coordinating color.

(Note - you can use regular baby yarn for this pattern, but it won't have nearly as much stretch. I strongly recommend buying elasticized sock yarn. The headbands that I made with sock yarn were very stretchy. Un-stretched they had a circumference of 12”. They stretched to 16” – 18”. I made the same pattern using TLC baby yarn. The baby yarn version only stretched from 12” to 14”.

If you’re not familiar with a no-chain foundation stitch, you’ll want to learn it as it is the foundation of this “pattern”.

A great video tutorial can be found here.

The “pattern”

Using the chain-less foundation stitch, crochet a row 12” long. (you can make the row longer or shorter to fit around baby’s head). Finish off at end of row – weave in both ends.

Making sure not to twist the row, sew the two edges together.

Sew a decorative motif over the sewn seam. You can use a store bought satin bow or crochet your own motif. I used simple flower motifs that I crocheted as follows:

Using D hook, chain 4. Slip stitch to first chain to create a loop.

Chain 5, sc in center loop. Repeat 4 more times to create a simple 5 petal flower. Finish off. Pull loose edges through back of flower. Sew over seam in headband.


What a great idea! I'm definitely going to make a few as gifts; how do you feel about people selling them?

Blogger Wormie said...

I'm glad you like the pattern. Thank you for asking about selling. I'm thrilled to have people use my patterns for personal and/or charity use, but I rather you did not sell the items made from my patterns.

Blogger Nancy said...

any pattern for snoods, the open weave hair nets that are all the rage now

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