Tuesday, August 11, 2009
My headache hat
I suffer from almost chronic headaches. Sometimes they are horrific migraine-type monsters. Usually they are bad tension headaches that can last for hours on end without relief.

Sometimes neither over-the-counter nor prescription pain-killers give me relief. I hate having to take pills on a daily basis. I've found that ice is often the best treatment. While an ice pack doesn't always cure the headache, it usually offers enough relief to take the edge off and make it more bearable.

For several months the headaches were so severe that I would come home from work, get an ice pack and get into bed. I'd have to lie very still on my back so that the ice pack would stay in just the right location.

Finally it occurred to me that I needed a headache hat. Something to wear that would keep the ice pack in place and allow me to be more comfortable while getting some relief. Seems like a simple enough idea - and one that I should have had much sooner!!!

I used a stretchy cotton ribbon yarn and a variation of Sandyfroglegs' Hot Cross Buns Hat. The hat is made from a granny square and then worked in rounds. I modified it so that the sides are a more open weave. The design is perfect for holding an ice cap in place without being too hot or bulky. I think that Sandy's pattern is a really cute design!

Any cap design can be used as a "headache hat". Ice is an easy treatment with no side-effects. Well - it does have one side effect - it can make you cold! If you crochet or knit, though, you can make yourself a blanket to match!


Blogger Mrs D said...

Great idea, even though it was inspired by a terrible condition. I sympathize!

Anonymous Anonymous said...

How ingenious! You should market this brilliant hat. Necessity is the Mother of Invention!

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