Thursday, September 10, 2009
Mock-Tunisian Washcloth

Today at lunch time I needed a break from the office, so I sat in my car and crocheted. I made a quick washcloth from cotton, and then I decided to weave a slip stitch through it. In the end it was a neat look and sort of mimics the feel of Tunisian stitches in a much more simple way.

The first photo shows the two "fake-Tunisian" washcloths that I made today. In the second photo the pink washcloth was made in Tunisian crochet, the blue is double crochet with a slip stitch weave. They have a similar look. The Tunisian stitched cloth is much thicker and more sturdy. The traditional crochet cloth is more open and soft. The side with the slip stitches is a bit more rough for exfoliating and the back side is smooth.

I think that these will be quite practical, and they were super fast to make. It took about 20 minutes to crochet and slip stitch each of these.


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