Friday, September 04, 2009
A learning experience

Tonight I wove this striped scarf. In the photo the stripes look pink, but they're really a variegated pink, purple and coral - the same yarn I used for the class scarf last week.

Making this one, I learned a lot.

1) always figure out the desired size for the finished piece and measure the yarn as you warp the loom. This scarf is too small.

2) my skills seemed better as I made this scarf - my edges were straight and the weave was even

3) I chose the wrong yarns for the warp. I used the variegated yarn, and a black nylon blend yarn. I used the nylon because it adds a little shine that I thought would be pretty. The yarn stretched terribly as I was working the weft. I had to tie up my warp strings and rig them to the loom. It's remarkable that I was able to finish this project. Also, because the yarn stretched, my spacing throughout the scarf changed as I advanced the scarf.

4) I couldn't untie the nylon yarn knots, so I had to cut. As a result, I was left with very short fringe. Longer would have been better.

I wasn't going to bother finishing this project because of all the problems, but I decided that it was good practice and that I could throw the finished scarf in the irregular heap that I'm sure to accumulate. Oddly enough, the finished piece looks pretty good!! I'm really pleased that I was able to salvage anything. This would actually be a cute scarf for a child. Maybe I'll have to find one to give it to. :)


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