Sunday, August 30, 2009
Double Dip Blankie

Thanks to another night of insomnia, I finished this Neopolitan blanket.

This is one that people will either love or hate. It's different. I'm sort of proud of it. The center medallion is done using a larger version of the short-row tunisian dish-cloth pattern. I then expanded the blanket using blhdc and edged it with a simple looped edging.

I like that the shape isn't exactly round but more like a flower. I'm not sure how practical round baby blankets are, but this can be a swaddling blanket for an infant or a car seat cover for an older baby.

I'll be giving this one to Marine Corps Kids.


Blogger Sara said...

That's really cool! The middle kind of reminds me of a hibiscus. I've always loved pink and brown together.

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