Wednesday, August 19, 2009
Linked-Stitch Edgerydoo Pattern

In a recent post I showed a blanket set that I made using a linked-stitch edging. The blanket was pretty, but it wasn't quite perfect. The edges didn't lay flat, and that bothered me. I tried again using a larger hook and working more extra stitches in the corners to help the blanket lay flat. This one worked well, and is very pretty (if I may say so myself).

Here's the pattern:

Linked-Stitch Edgerydoo Pattern

This edging was designed using the EdgeryDoo 001 template.

Cut and prepare your fleece following the instructions on the Edgerydoo website.
You'll also want to learn to do linked triple crochet (see this video for instructions)

To crochet the edging you'll need:
worsted weight yarn - I used Caron Simply Soft D hook (3.0 mm) J hook (6.0 mm) 8 stitch markers

Row 1: using D hook and with right side of fabric facing you, SC-chain 2 through each pierced hole in your fabric. Join w/ slip stitch to first sc.

Locate the center of each curved "corner" on your fabric. Count 7 stitches to either side of the center, and mark with stitch markers (you'll be marking the center 14 stitches at each corner)

Row 2: Switch to J-hook. This row is worked in the chain-2 spaces created in Row 1. *linked triple in first ch-2 space, 2-linked triples in next ch-2 space*. Continue this pattern around edged until you reach the first stitch marker. In the 4 corners you will do 2-linked triple stitches in each chain-2 space. Then continue with * the basic pattern all the way around. At end of round, join w/ slip stitch.

Row 4: Chain 1, sc in back loop only all the way around the edge. Join w/ single crochet. End off.

(Many thanks to my friends Marlene and Byron from Edgerydoo. Marlene does an amazing amount of charitable work for Project Linus. She inspires me to do more and helped me check and edit this pattern)


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