Sunday, August 16, 2009
Linked Stitch Baby Set
I love the look of the linked triple stitch, so I decided to try and use it as an edging for a fleece blanket.

I pierced a piece of pink fleece and used TLC Baby for the edging. The "pattern" is very simple. I did sc in each hole in the fabric, and then 2 chains between. For the next row I did linked triple crochet around. Then I did a row of reverse-single-crochet to finish the piece off.

Linked triples take a bit more time than traditional crochet, but the look is lovely. This blanket isn't perfect. It's important to double up the stitches around the corners so that they don't bunch or ripple. I got one of the 4 corners right. The rest are ok, but could be a bit looser.

I then made a matching headband and hat. The headband was made with sock yarn and my Easiest Ever Headband pattern. The flower is a two-layered six-petal simple flower.

The hat is a simple cap that I edged with 1 row of linked triple crochet.

This set will be sent to Marine Corps Kids.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

what did you use to poke the holes in your material?

Blogger Wormie said...

I purchased an Edgerydoo and always use that to pierce the holes. It measures the right spacing and is a worthwhile investment if you like to do edgings. Their website is here:

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