Sunday, August 23, 2009
One Tiny Scarf for TheWorm, One Giant Leap for Wormcraft!
As I already posted that I'll be taking a weaving class next week. I'm really excited about it!!!!

My friend Kandy was kind enough to loan me her loom to use for the class and to practice with. Kandy is the most talented crafter I have ever met. She knits, crochets and sews beautifully! She spins and weaves. She's also an amazing cook. And to top it all off, she raises rabbits!!! How can you not love someone who crafts, cooks and raises rabbits?

So, I brought this loom home on Friday with absolutely no idea how to use it. It took me a while to figure out which side was the front and which side was the back. I was also challenged in figuring out where the......thingamabob sits (I'm sure that's not the formal name for the thing that holds the yarn strands separate.

Anyway, I managed to YouTube my way through a first tiny project!!! And it was fun!!!

I had some probl....I mean challenges warping the loom (that is the correct term for stringing the loom!). Then I'm sure that I had the thingamabob in the wrong "down" position (if you weave you know what I mean - if you don't - I did something incorrectly) which made the entire project a bit harder than it should have been. A few inches into the scarf, I realized where I think the thingamabob should go, but I didn't know how to correct my mistake without cutting all the yarn from the loom and starting over. I would like to think that this mistake is why one of my edges is more sloppy than the next, but I think that the real culprit is my inexperience.

Anyway, I did make a teenie-tiny little scarflet. It would be perfect for a young child, but I don't think I could bear to part with it! It's my first!!!

I can't wait to take this class and learn how to weave properly!

Kandy, if you're reading this, thank you sooooo much for letting me use your loom! I'm going to be addicted to weaving soon!


Blogger Mini said...

Your first try is quite impressive! You'll be weaving gorgeous fabrics in no time :)

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