Saturday, August 22, 2009
Hooking All Night

Hooking all night, there was nothing else for me to do..... Allow me this Springstein moment - I'm a Joisey Girl.

So, last night I had insomnia. Dog tired, but I can't sleep and I can't get comfortable insomnia. Laying in bed for hours wasn't going to accomplish anything so I went upstairs and started to crochet. I did about 6 inches of sc on a baby blanket, decided I didn't like the yarn I was using for that pattern, and put that down.

Yesterday, Hubby had mentioned that we could use new hot pads so I started to make Crafty-boy's Tunisian Short Row Dishcloth. I printed this pattern out some time ago, and never got around to trying it. At 4 am I decided it was time. My first attempt didn't work. I pulled loops up through the bars instead of around the bars, and that made the cloth too big.

This morning I tried it again and this time it worked! The picture shows the cloth I made.

When I googled for the pattern to post the link, I found a video tutorial on how to make this cloth. Low and behold - I worked the stitches incorrectly!!! I worked my stitches around each post instead of around just the front loop of the posts. I'll be trying this pattern again the "right" way soon.

In the meantime, I'm happy with this cloth. The finished project looks complicated to create, but the pattern is really surprisingly simple. It was a great learning project for me to get more comfortable with Tunisian Crochet.

I really like the look of this cloth and can think of several ways to adapt it to more projects.


Blogger Sara said...

really cool! I've tried Tunisian so many times and it never seems to work out for me.

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