Tuesday, August 25, 2009

I usually am a one-project crafter. Right now I have 3 big projects in work.

I'm still working on my green linked-stitch baby blanket. I think it's going to be lovely, but it's going to take time and patience so I'm working on other things in between.

Over the weekend I started two different baby blankets using this sweet Neapolitan baby yarn. I didn't like the yarn in either pattern and frogged them both. Then I decided that it would look great if I used it with the Tunisian pattern that I learned this weekend. I enlarged the circle and will continue with a very thick edging to make a small baby cover. I like the flower shape of this blanket, and I hope it turns out well. It is slightly off center, but the way it joined, I don't think it's horrible.

I also have an "itch" to weave more while I still have Kandy's loom.

I came home tonight and started this scarf project. I had some trouble when I started. Two of my strings broke, so I had to make the scarf thinner. I'm using a delicate wool and a ribbon yarn. It's a very odd combination - I figured if I was going to risk something really ugly, I should do it now while I'm a beginner.

I actually love the way it looks!!! It doesn't feel fabulous - it's not particularly soft, but the colors are gorgeous!! I'm afraid this one might never get finished - I don't know if more of my strings will tear before I'm done, but I'm hoping I can get a full length scarf from this because it's too pretty to throw away.


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One project at a time?? What's that like? :-)

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