Tuesday, September 08, 2009
Wormie's EEE (Easiest-Ever Edging Pattern)

This edging is so fast and easy, but really cute! I was working with this adorable transportation fleece. The fabric is so busy and vibrant that it didn't need an intricate edging. This is what I came up with. It's fast, simple, but really cute.

Easiest Ever Edging

You'll need:
2 colors of contrasting yarn (enough to edge your project)
2.5 mm hook
5.0 mm hook

Cut and pierce your fabric per the Edgerydoo instructions.

Row 1: Using 2.5mm hook, SC-chain2 in each hole all the way around the fabric. Slip stitch to first SC. Finish off.

Row 2: Using 5.0 mm hook and 2nd color of yarn, attach the yarn at any sc. *SC in stitch, sc in space between stitches*. Repeat *pattern* all the way around work. Slip stitch to first SC. Finish off.

You're done!
Could that have been any easier????
The first color peaks out from under the second giving a nice look. Use colors with high contrast for fun, or shades of one color for a more subtle look.


Absolutely love these blankets! Will have to definitely make some for the new babies coming into the family!


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