Friday, July 06, 2012
Crochet Baby Dress
After starting and stopping several new knitting projects, and being frustrated by my lack of progress, I decided I needed a little instant gratification and took out my crochet hooks.

I mad this little Solomon's Knot Baby Dress in just a few hours.  It was very simple to make and gave me the satisfaction of finishing a useable project.  I had never done the Solomon's Knot before, but the video instructions made it very simple.  In fact, this would be a great project for any beginner crocheter!

I followed the pattern exactly, but added a single crochet to the bottom hem to weight it down a bit.  I also omitted the flower on the front since this dress is for a newborn and the flower might be uncomfortable when baby is lying on her belly. 

Solomon's Knot is not my favorite stitch, and I think that if I make another of these dresses, I will substitute a shell pattern for the skirt.  Still it was great to finish a project sucessfully.

This dress will be donated to Marine Corps Kids


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