Friday, January 05, 2007
Cease and Desist

I mean cease with da cyst!!!
Some of my dearest friends are e-friends. I'm so lucky to have met wonderful folks through message board groups.
One of my friends' daughter is active on the board, and I have adopted her as my e-child. This is a wonderful relationship - she's in college and I don't have to pay tuition! I can just beam and be proud!
Well, the e-child had to have not one but two pesky cysts surgically removed this year. Not a fun thing for her or her bio-mom! It is time to cease with da cysts!
Since I won't pay her tuition, and I can't do cyst removal, I did what any respectable crafter would do. I made her Lumpy D. Cyst - a cute and cuddly plush cyst to be the last cyst in her life.
The photo doesn't do Lumpy justice - it's really rather lumpy. She (he?) was fun to make and brought a smile to the e-child's face.
I love crochet!


Wormie, that's ADORABLE! I just *bet* she smiled when she saw it. That is just too cute!

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