Saturday, December 30, 2006
Scary Ugly
I've been working for days now on an original hat design - my "Surely You Jest" hat.
It was to be a modernish version of a jester hat - 3 colors, with pointy tops and pom poms. In concept is was cute.

I'm almost finished. Put it on, looked and the mirror and screamed "Surely you Jest!!". This is ugly. Scary ugly. Too ugly to drop in a good will box.

I good naturedly suggested to hubby that I self-submit it to What Not to Crochet. It's so ugly that I could even submit my own degrading comments about just how wrong it is. Hubby decided that it would be too humiliating for me to have any public association with this hat. He insists it's too ugly to even drop in a good will bin for some needy child at Halloween.

I can deal with making something ugly. I can chalk up the time spent as a lesson learned, but the yarn - such a waste of good yarn! Frogging it seems too complicated. I will need to hide it on the bottom of the trash bin so that the trash collectors don't see it.

Just say no to Fugly Crochet!


Blogger Sara said...

I love WNTC!
Sorry about the frustration. Hey, at least your concept made it to the hook and FO stage. Mine never seem to! :-)

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