Monday, December 18, 2006
Speaking of inappropriate holiday gifts.....
My co-workers (CCWs) and I generally don't do much for the boss at holidays and birthdays. The boss is a nice guy, but strange about holidays and events - very private. In the past we bought him some nice gifts, but it makes him uncomfortable, so for the last few years we've all chipped in to buy him a nice bottle of booze. Nice token and something he'll use.

This year the CCWs want to do more. I'm all for chipping in on something that he'll enjoy. They however want for us to go to a photo studio. There are three of us and they want to take a Charlie's Angel type photo of the three of us. I'm horrified. I said that this is a stupid idea, but they are into it, and I've learned that it's often not worth the fight. We were going to do this a few years ago, but didn't for various dramatic reasons. Since then, the boss got married. I got married. I can't imagine how this could be much less appropriate.

Never fear - they can. To make this travesty as horrible as possible, they want to make this photo poster-sized so that it can hang in the office. I feel sick.

They want us all to dress "sexy". They even told me what I should wear. First of all, I'm not at what I would call my "sexy weight". Second of all - I don't care how "hot" I am, I don't want to look sexy for my boss!!!!!

The appt at the photo studio is tomorrow evening. Would it be awful for me to wear my new "sexy" black t-shirt? The one that says "I'm Friggin Peachy" on it? I actually would love to find a happy bunny shirt to wear, but I'd need to find it tonight and that might not be possible.

Update:This gift idea has now gone by the wayside. Instead we will be buying a more professional and suitable gift. In the process of me finding my voice, I did buy two happy bunny t-shirts! Happy Holidays, Worm!


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